Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bottom-Line Operations

For the past two days, I have been in a class at work called Bottom-Line Operations. It is PHENOMENAL! I have never taken a class at work that I have thought was more informative or rewarding. Essentially, we are going through a simulation of being a Director for a call center business that is underperforming. We enter decisions into a computer and it either leads us into profitability or continued underperformance.

Of course, I want to win! But, so far, my team isn't doing very well. Some of my team says it's because I don't want to release control (which is totally me!) and I say it's because we've given the employees too much control.

Tomorrow is our last day of the class and we have to give a presentation to our Sr. Mgmt group (the real ones). They will be able to ask us all kinds of questions. I'm nervous, but not nervous. The nervousness is coming from the fact that I wasn't the one to make a lot of the decisions and so I feel like I have to speak to someone else's actions which makes me uncomfortable. Oh well, that's part of managing sometimes.

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