Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mamma Mia!

Have you seen this movie? I LOVE it! C didn't want to see it and I had heard how much fun it was so when I was in Target recently I picked it up. Seriously...if you love ABBA, you will love this movie! It is one of those musicals that is just good clean fun and brings you back to your youth - although in my youth, I never lived on a greek island with FAB-U-LOUS blue water. I felt like jumping on the bed right along with Donna Sheridan. Fun, fun, fun. I've watched it now 5 times in 2 weeks - 3 times in two days and twice in one day. It's a movie I can just put on and listen to while I do other things, but inevitably, I get sucked in watching scenes and then just stop what I'm doing. Not good, but oh so much fun!

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Leslie said...

We are hooked on Mamma Mia. You should see my little girl and that movie. She's obsessed with it and sings it all the time. It's great huh?