Thursday, January 15, 2009

Auntie's Birthday Surprise!

Auntie Sigie is now 72! There was a great surprise waiting for her at Lisa's tonight - Cindy flew in from California and surprised her mom for her birthday! It was a blast. We had planned on meeting at 3 Margaritas for dinner and Cindy was going to walk in and surprise her, but Uncle Ward ended up taking Auntie out for a movie and early dinner so we all had some fettucine alfredo at Lisa's instead while we waited for them to arrive. It was so much fun seeing the reaction on Auntie's face when she walked in and saw Cindy! She started crying and everything!

Auntie's friend, Maribeth, had made this incredible cake. It was fabulous and we all, of course, wanted the recipe. We sat at the table for hours talking and picking at it. We couldn't stop eating it!

We had such a fun time surprising her! There will actually be a real party for her on Saturday though with family and a bunch of her friends too! Lisa's planning on doing a ton of tacos and we're going to play games. C has to work but will join us after he's done. What a fun evening we had!


Cindy said...

Good job, dear! Where did the week go? It was a fun one. So great to see you!

Jennifer said...

You are so lucky to have Auntie so close. She looks so much like mom. Makes me sad.

Ann Marie said...

Oh my gosh Kristin. That has got to be your mom's sister. They look just alike. How is everyone doing? I hope you are doing well. Love you!