Sunday, January 18, 2009

What? The AZ Cardinals in the SuperBowl?

Soooooo, I am so NOT an NFL football fan. My nephew, Colton, loves the Steelers. Taylor loves the 49ers. Me - none of the above or any of the rest. HOWEVER. The AZ Cardinals have suddenly learned how to play football and today was the last set of games to be played to determine which two teams would play in the SuperBowl.

We got out of church just in time to get home and start watching the game. It was rockin'! C was outside BBQing some burgers and I was in the house screaming every time they scored a touchdown. In the end, they played a great game and ended up winning the game. Weird! Who would have ever thought this cruddy team could improve so much? Maybe they finally got some good players on the team (like Fitzgerald below who scored 3 touchdowns)? I wouldn't know because I just have not kept up on it at all, but I am happy for them. It is going to be Cardinals mania around here now for the next two weeks. Maybe we will just have to host a SuperBowl party!
Today was Adrianne's 30th birthday so Lisa hosted ANOTHER party this weekend (I'm sure she's exhausted by now). Adrianne wanted lasagna for dinner so Lisa made probably the most ginormous lasagna I have ever seen. Yummy! We had a lovely time playing Apples to Apples again and eating cake - again. I am off tomorrow for MLK day - and am SO glad!

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