Friday, May 1, 2009

Date Night

For some reason, I tend to be the last one out of the office on Fridays. I don't know why. I just am. But today, I wasn't. I left around 3:30. It had been a draining day - we let a number of people go today and as well, the 500 count layoffs started yesterday throughout the rest of the company. I just needed to leave.

I swung by Lisa's and we ran to Holland Boone. Just the two of us. She found a clear pitcher with a small blue rim. There were only two left and they were both 50% off! Score! It was like it was meant to be. We didn't find much else this time, but it was fun, still the same.

We drove back toward her place and her dad called to tell us to come over and look at the new shelves he'd built for their food storage in their office closet. So nice! He did a great job. You could tell he'd put a lot of thought into them. They can hold 42 #10 cans each - 14 across and 3 deep. Then, there are also some other shelves that are two soup cans high. I need him to come and build shelves like that for me since my own dad isn't nearby to help me out.

I headed home - sunglasses-a-blazin' (that's all I have to wear for now until my BIFOCALS are in late next week). C called me as I was driving and we arranged our little date night.

In our last ward, our bishop encouraged us to have Friday night be date night. By the time Friday rolls around, I'm usually just too tired to go out on a "real date" with my honey. We like to just come home and relax. But, tonight I realized that we do actually do date night on's just not something different every Friday. It's routine. But, I enjoy it.

We usually meet up at Peter Piper Pizza after work for dinner about every or every other week. C likes being out with "the people." I like quiet. But, this atmosphere isn't TOO bad. We order our pizza, wings, and breadsticks and sit there and knosh on them for about 2 hours. We talk. We laugh. We argue. Whatever. We are just with each other and I like that.

Tonight, we brought two pieces of pizza home. C planned on taking them to work for lunch tomorrow. But.....he left them sitting too close to the edge of the counter before putting them in the fridge and all of a sudden I heard this "plop!" The charms on Dog's "necklace" were going for all they were worth! That darn dog had stuck his big black nose up there, smelled that yummy pizza, and had pulled it off the counter onto the floor and snarfed it down as quick as he could! You little rat!

I am so excited for tomorrow! It is the first Saturday in a VERY long time that I have no definitive plans. No places that I HAVE to go. No chores that HAVE to be done (although there are a lot of chores that NEED to be done as well as a lot of projects that NEED to be done). I have made a small list of things I WANT to get done. But....if they do, they do. If they don't, they don't. I'm all good with that.

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