Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day, Part 1

Up at 6:15 a.m. - on a Saturday. Yuck. Just couldn't sleep any longer. Holly called around 8:00 and said she couldn't come today. I was okay with that. I just wanted to be alone today while I thought about Mother's Day and my mom.

I worked on a project for the gift for the Relief Society sisters for Mother's Day. That pretty much took the entire day. It was pretty special though how I was [unknowingly] inspired to keep all those DVD cases from a couple weeks ago. We had decided to give all the sisters a copy of the DVD that my committee member Lizeth (pronounced Liz-ette) made for our Enrichment night last month. Only problem was that nobody could find any sleeves for them. All of a sudden, I was inspired to use all the cases that were left from organizing all of the DVDs! It was perfect. Then, I made a new insert for all of them that looked like this:

I didn't quite get many of them done before it was time to leave for Auntie's to celebrate Mother's Day with her. We decided to do it today rather than tomorrow so we wouldn't have to rush and work and travel before we headed back to work on Monday. I hurried and made one set of the jewelry gifts I planned on giving to Meredith, Lisa, and Auntie and gathered the stuff to make the rest and I headed over.

Melon Man arrived after work and we had a great dinner with Auntie. Before we knew it, it was time to go home. However...I still have not gotten my BIFOCALS so I only have prescription sunglasses to wear and that's not good for night driving. So, since the Melon Man had to come directly from work, we ended up having two cars there. We decided to leave his Durango there and come back for it tomorrow after church. I dozed most of the way home and he listened to "the wackos" on the radio. It felt so good to just be with him.

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Jennifer said...

What's with the new nickname? I'm assuming all the oldies want him to cut the melons for them to see if they are ripe before they will buy them?

How bout sending your si-ster one of those cd's?