Saturday, June 20, 2009

Busy, Busy Day

I have so much to do today! I cancelled the housecleaner for the day because I just didn't need that today too. Plus, I guess the house isn't too bad that it can't wait another week, especially since we won't be here for most of it!

I have to get laundry done, get packed to leave, do dishes, make the bed, put the canned food storage away that is STILL sitting in our bathroom, make some banana bread out of the dead bananas we have, make dinner for tonight, and clean up and rearrange the office in preparation for the new computer.

I've been wanting to use the office as a guest room with a twin bed (Aero or real) for a while, but the way it's been laid out with the desk and such just has not been conducive to that. Plus, it's incredibly difficult to get to the window to open it when the temperatures are better because you have to lean way over the desk and such. It's just not easy at all. So, with the new computer coming and needing to totally clean up all the cords and everything, now is the best time to make the change. I will miss being able to look out the corner window as I work on my computer, but, I think I will like this new way better.

Motivationally, I am just not feeling it though to do all of this stuff today. I know I need to, but I am SO TIRED from this week that all I want to do is sit and watch tv and take little naps. I just can't though. ALL of these things need to be done. It's just hard to do these around the house when I work 16 hours a day. People criticize me because I have a boy who comes and does the yard - a yard that's not fancy, a yard that's nothing special or glorious, a yard that I can't even spend time in because I work so much. But, that's my life and if I want my yard to be somewhat even presentable, I have to have a yard boy. People cricitize me because I have a housecleaner. I have a house cleaner because, again, I work so much. My time on the weekends is spent doing things for church, running errands, laundry, dishes, etc. If I am home in the evenings during the week, I spend time with my husband. Sure, I could do a room or task here or there in the evenings, but I don't because I get a whole whopping 3 or 4 hours of "me/us" time, if I'm lucky. I'd rather spend it with him than cleaning. The small amount I pay these people is far more worth it to me than not being able to have "somewhat" of a regular life. Lately, I've felt very down when I read or see the lists of things people accomplish in a day. It just makes me feel so useless.

So...I guess I'd better get off this little laptop and get working or I'll never be ready to go in the morning.

End of day update: Got 3 loads of laundry washed, dried, hung or folded. Got the suitcase fully packed. Ordered a pizza for dinner instead of making something we'd probably have leftovers from that would just sit in the fridge for the days we are gone, gathered all the print outs of all the addresses and such for the restaurants and stores we plan to visit, and snoozed for about an hour. That was it. The rest will just have to wait. And, frankly, I'm okay with that.


Leslie said...

Kristin, don't be so hard on yourself. I'm sure those people who accomplish all those things on their lists simply don't have a job outside of the home and I'm sure they have kids to do the chores. People need to be less critical that's for sure.

Cindy said...

I agree with Leslie. Be kinder to yourself about those things. Live your own life and if that works for your situation then that's all that matters.

Have a fantastic trip!

Casey Lu said...

Yes, don't be so hard on yourself and honestly who cares if you have a yard boy and house cleaner! You know how many hours you work as well as I do and your exactly right, the few hours you do get should be spent on your hubby and you! To heck with those people that judge you on that! They can go fly a kite! I am glad you and C are going on a little vaca! You so deserve it! Catch a Halibut for me, lol! Have tons of fun! I can't wait to hear about it when you come back! As far as our house, we have a close date set for Aug 15th but could possibly close at the end of July if we wanted to.