Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Honey, I'm Improving Myself...

So, I was working late tonight and it was so quiet and peaceful. I was getting a lot done and I was so GRATEFUL for the day of practically no interruptions (other than my cool Indian friend Rakshat, pronounced Rock Shot, who ever so kindly thought I was only 28!), especially since I thought I had until the week after next to finish my July forecast, but then I found out I marked my due date calendar based on business days rather than calendar dates.

Wow, what a run-on sentence that was....

Anyhow...it's, oh, I don't know, about 6:30 or so and Melon Man calls me. He says to me, "Honey, I'm improving myself."

Huh? Okay, let's play this one out....

MM: Honey, I'm improving myself.
FG: And, how are you doing that?
MM: I'm watching a show about copper.

Silence. I'm in wonderment.

MM: Yeah, last time, it was a show about aluminum. This time, I've upgraded to copper cuz it's better.

Okay, so I just sat there and was like...okayyyyyyy....but, it made me laugh.

Now...I did a search back through my blog to find the post about the aluminum conversation, but apparently I didn't think that was worthy of a blog post for some reason because there isn't one. So, now I have to tell that story too so this whole thing makes sense as to why it's funny to me.

About 18-24 months ago, I was in Ohio on a business trip. I came back to my hotel and was laying in bed trying to get to sleep when Melon Man called to see how my day had been. I asked what he was doing and the conversation went something like this:

FG: So, whatcha doin'?
MM: Watching a show about aluminum.
FG: Huh?!?
MM: Watching a show about aluminum.
FG: Okayyyyyyyy.
MM: It's interesting. I like shows like this.
FG: Whatever turns you on! At least it's not porn! (not that he looks at that garbage or anything)

Too bad he wasn't there in O-HI-O with me watching it...that definitely would have helped me finally fall asleep (I never can go to sleep at a good decent time when I travel).

So...that's where it all began. It's kind of been a running joke now for a while. Anytime there is some oddball type of show on, we tease each other that it's about aluminum. So, this time, it truly was quite funny that the show was about copper!

Melon Man loves "intelligent" tv. I love stuff that just is light and makes me laugh. But, he finds pleasure in watching shows about copper or about aluminum or toilet paper or baseball bats or boat motors or fan belts or whatever other odd thing they've now made a tv show about.

And, usually, I'm okay with that....ESPECIALLY when I'm still at work because he can watch all of that that he wants.

But...I'm home now...so let's watch Friends...because I think it's funny, even if he doesn't.


Cindy said...

Too funny about the copper show!

Angela said...

LOL! That is sooooo funny! :)

Jodi said...

Kev and Ari love to watch shows like that. A couple weeks ago Kev had the TV on about how famous Ice cream scoopers are.

Casey Lu said...

Ehren and the kids like to watch shows like that too especially How It Was Made. When you get a chance to do the JS Photoshop class you will LOVE IT!!!! I am loving what I am learning especially because I am learning how to do the stuff by hand that my actions do. If you want to get together one if these weekends we can go over it. Right now I am packing like crazy. We have planned to move into the new house on the 29th of Aug but we close on the 15 but painting and having some work done before we move in. Yes, the lender is suppose to have someone come out, clean the pool, fill, and maintain it until we close. But haven't seen it happen yet. I want to check on it this week to make sure it didn't crack. The monitor sounds AWESOME! We are looking into a new monitor after we move into the new house and E was thinking of one that size. His work on is 24" and he has two and he loves it. So we will see. I was wondering if I could get that Family Home Evening board kit from you that I never got from SS ( I only have the board). I would like to have it ready to put up after we move in. Let me know what weekend your available or evening you want to get together. I am avail tomorrow evening, possibly Saturday afternoon or evening if Dono doesn't have basketball, or anytime next week. Miss you a lot!