Sunday, October 18, 2009

Not So Boring High Council Talk

Today was our High Council speaker week at church.  It was REALLY good.  Brother Wayas did a good job.  It wasn't like a regular High Council talk.  It was straight up and he used stories to help even the children understand the point he was trying to get across about unrighteous judgment.  In the end, he point blank talked about how gossiping is unrighteous judgment.  It really made me think about things I say to others.  But....

...later the Bishop came by to do his home teaching.  We were talking about this and that and suddenly something slipped out of my mouth that made me immediately think that I had just done what we'd just been taught not to do!  It wasn't gossip, but it was unrighteous judgment and here I was doing it in front of the bishop!  I was mortified.  How awful.  I will definitely be working on that one a lot harder!

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