Monday, October 19, 2009

Putting It to the Test

When Melon Man and I got married, there were only two demands from my knight in rusty armor...

1)  Always pay our tithing, NO MATTER WHAT, along with a GENEROUS fast offering, and
2)  Get out of debt.

Faith and command has kept us on the track with number 1, but we had luck on our side with number 2.  No, we didn't win the lottery - we sold Melon Man's house at the height of the market.  We were able to pay off any debt he had, along with all of my debt except my vehicle and my house.  We ended up buying a new vehicle for me shortly after we got married, so that got us further into debt on that loan, but again, luckily he had a good paying job so we worked really hard to pay the debt down quickly.  We were cruising along and were going to have a 7 year loan paid off in 4 years when a twist of fate hit us and his pay was cut in half.  So, the paying down is going more slowly, but there have been some helps along the way such as refinancing for a lower rate, etc.  We don't have much longer to go on it and that is great.

However, as of late, little miss Fatty Girl has bought a few too many cute things for the castle, we've had a few unexpected expenses arise, we began eating out too frequently again, and although we haven't gotten into debt again, we are a little less "comfortable" than before (not that we really were all that comfortable anyway, but...).  So....


That's right.  We have committed that we will not buy ANYTHING other than gasoline until November 21st.  We will pay our normal living expenses during the month, but we will not spend any money on anything except gasoline.  No trips to Real Deals.  No trips to Home Depot or Holland Boone.  NO eating out - not even a soda at Subway (one of Melon Man's dailies - they are only $0.50).  No China Buffet, no Chen Wok, no Taco Bell, no Del Taco, no Chili's, Applebee's, Peter Piper, McDonald's, Burger King, IHOP, Village Inn, Denny's, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Macayo's, KFC, Barro's, Firebirds, Roberto's, Alberto's, Filiberto's, Fillippi's, Phil's, nada.  Ouch. 


What?!?!  No groceries?  For a month?  How will we survive?  It's called Food Storage.  Yep, we're gonna put it to the test.  We're going to live off of our food storage for an entire month.  We have all the canned and boxed food we've been buying this year and we have all of this....

Wait for it...wait for it...scroll down....ta-da! 

Yep, our freezer is so full, that we can't put one more thing in it...anywhere!  So, this is our plan.  We will eat what there is.  We will make what there isn't.  The only time we will buy anything is if it is a fresh vegetable that can't be done without to make something and we have no dehydrated or canned alternative (i.e. carrots - I absolutely REFUSE to eat the ones from the cannery) - oh and maybe lettuce. 

I know we can do it.  It will just require vigilance, dedication, and work.  Bread - no problem.  I'll have to get better at making it - Melon Man needs it everyday for his lunch (oooh...I gotta think of what he's gonna put on his bread for lunch!!!)  Milk - got it in the pantry and we're gonna make it and drink it.  Meat - have about 100 pounds of hamburger plus other assorted kinds of meat in the freezer.  Maybe I'll even find that ham I bought a while back!  Hopefully, this will help clean out that freezer a bit!  Oh, and I guess I'll even have to really put that gorgeous stainless steel crockpot to use finally.

There are so many good couponing deals going on right now that it's sad that I can't participate, but the Lord has blessed us abundantly this year so I feel fortunate to be able to have what I have.


Jennifer said...

That will take some serious discipline. Let me know how it goes. We will be praying for you! Love you!

Cindy said...

You can do it, I know you can. I'm excited for you guys! Hip hip hooray for the crock pot. You'll find some great new recipes.