Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day 2009

We got up early this morning and headed out to meet up with the Davis' and the Tuckers at the movie theater to see Sherlock Holmes.  I didn't care for it.  Most of the rest did.  It was just dark and the first 20 minutes were quite boring so it made it hard for me to stay awake or pay attention to the rest of it.  We decided that next year, if we go to the movies, we're going to a funny movie.  The last two years we've seen dramas and it just kind of sets a funky mood for the rest of the day.

After the movie, we went to Lisa's and I wrapped presents for the family in Utah since Lisa will be taking them with her when she goes up there next week.  Then, I helped her set the table for dinner.  She got the prime rib in the oven and made the cucumber salad.  We exchanged gifts and Curtis gave us a gift card to Chili's and Lisa and Craig gave us a nice pewter bowl from Holland Boone.  I hope they like the simple little gifts we gave.  Because I didn't have much energy to go out shopping this year, our gifts were homemade and were something I could do in small spurts that didn't take a lot of energy out of me.  I only finished them yesterday!

Soon it was time to eat.  Some friends of Lisa's and Auntie's - Maribeth and James - came for dinner as well.  Dinner was delicious, as always.  It was fun just sitting and visiting.  Maribeth surprised us with a gift as well - these cute chicken potholders.  Melon Man and I couldn't resist trying them out as hats.

Soon, we realized that Dog had been in his kennel a LONG time so we departed for home.  We got home and ended up going to bed rather early since we were both tired and Melon Man had to get up early to be to work by 6 the next day.  Christmas was over.  It came and went so fast this year.  What happened to the good old days when the Christmas season seemed like it lasted forever?  Oh, I grew up and became an adult.

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Linda Lu said...

Love the hats. Glad you enjoyed your Christmas. Yes it goes by too fast and is very draining. We had about l5 guests for dinner, and as always, I did everything myself.

Hope your fireplace is keeping you warm!