Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Update

It was REALLY hard to get up at 6:30 in the morning today to be to church by 8 AM.  Satan was really tempting me to "tempt" Melon Man so we would end up being late for church and then end up not going.  But, alas, Melon Man was just like Adam and was able to resist me (even though I didn't really try to "tempt" him) and he kicked my butt out of bed and made me get showered and ready to go.  I'm glad we did, but man, do I have jet lag today and I really wanted to keep sleeping!

After church, Melon Man made us homemade biscuits and sausage gravy.  OH MY GOODNESS, was it ever good!  He makes the BEST homemade sausage gravy ever.  I LOVE it.  It is such a downfall for me.  I seriously could just drink it.  If I ever need an IV for nourishment, just fill the bottle witih sausage gravy.  I'll perk right up.  Seriously, THE BEST.  Honey - all those years of heating up lasagna for the gumchompers really paid off.  I'm just kidding.  All those years of sweating into over the pots of steaming oatmeal and burning your hands because you're a tough guy who doesn't need potholders really did pay off.  You are a great cook.  Thank you, thank you!

The rest of today was just kind of blah.  A lot of ladies at church were shocked to hear that Ami passed away.  I spoke to her sister's sister-in-law today and they think she may have died because of a complication with her diabetes.  I told Melon Man that that is why I keep on him to stop eating so poorly and to get back to monitoring his sugars.  I don't want him to just die in the middle of the night either.  He goes on that at least I'll have the insurance to pay off the house and such, but that's not why I want him to do it.  I just love him and don't want him to die for something so ridiculous as diabetes complications.  He needs to focus on that and I need to focus on losing weight.  We just need to work together on both of these things so we can be together here on earth for a really long time still.....

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