Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mr. Fix It

While I was in Chicago for work a few weeks ago, Dog had one of his seizures.  In the middle of the night.  Luckily, Dog was okay.  But, amid all the seizure kicking and shaking, he knocked over my nightstand table.  Also, luckily, the 1/2" thick glass on top of my nightstand table, along with the lamp, was okay.  Even my porcelain praying woman statue was okay.  However, my standing virtuous woman porcelain statue broke her hand and arm, and the table...well, it broke too.

Melon Man helped Dog get through the seizure and he fixed my table.  Well, the other day I was trying to fix the tablecloth that goes over the table and all of a sudden, the leg gives out and the whole thing goes crashing to the ground.  Not good.  So, for about 10 days, I've had two food storage buckets for my nightstand which is just enough to hold my alarm clock. 

Today, Melon Man finally had the time to fix my table.  Was it that he finally had the time or was it that the "threat" of spending a chunk of money to buy nice, new actual nightstands caused him to rise from the sofa, pull himself away from the military channel, and go out into the garage and fix the table?  Or, maybe it was because he loves me and wanted to make me happy.  I'll go for the last one, with a little bit of the second one thrown in for good measure.
I could hear him out there sawing and screwing and hammering away.  Dog was in a panic and just couldn't sit still knowing Daddy was out in the garage and he couldn't be out there with him.  Finally, it was done.  The table was fixed.  And, back in place where it belonged.  Darn...I'd just found some pictures of some nightstands that I liked!

Melon Man DID offer to head out later in the evening and go look at them at the furniture store.  Um yeah, we drive all the way down there, and then, of course, no nightstands in the store to match the picture.  Why not?  Well, because that particular store is a franchise of the main company and so they only carry what they want to carry.  Did one person ask us if we needed help?  NOPE.  Not one!  In a furniture store!  In a bad economy!  What were they thinking?  You would have thought they'd be all over us!  But, they weren't.

The two ditsy girls at the desk right inside the front door couldn't even be bothered to say hello or to say goodbye either.  They just sat there talking to each other.  That was the LAST time we go into THAT particular store.  We had the exact same problem when we went there to look for our dining room table.  I guess we'll just have to make a jaunt on down to the Avondale store where we got phenomenal service when we were looking for the table. 

I did call J&K already for prices on the items so if we ever do get to see what these are really like, I'm ready to call J&K to order.  This time though...we'll just go pick the nightstands up versus take a chance that their driver hits my truck again!

Melon Man...thank you for fixing my table.  I'm so glad I married someone who actually knows how to fix things!  Can you work on that toilet now too, please?  Love you!

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