Saturday, November 13, 2010

How Hard Should It Be to Find a Tiffany Blue Tablecloth?

Obviously, it's pretty hard at Thanksgiving/Christmas time!  Melon Man and I went to like 462 places this morning looking for a tiffany blue tablecloth.  Plus, I went to a couple of places/ last night.  Nope, not one.  Anywhere.  We did find two blue tablecloths in two different stores, but completely wrong blue.  People at the stores just looked at me weird when I would ask them for a blue tablecloth.  Okay, wait...isn't also Hanukkah time almost?  Wouldn't Jewish people like to use a blue tablecloth too?  So Tiffany blue probably wouldn't likely be the color of choice for Hanukkah, but some other shade of blue might.  But blue tablecloths.

I found a light tiffany blue tablerunner that I LOVED and would have been totally perfect with our new scheme for the Christmas Eve table and I could have just used my white tablecloth under it, but Melon Man didn't like the runner at all.  I was bummed.  It was the right color and it had the perfect touch of silver in it.  Oh well.  I want him to like the table too.

I looked online at a few big name stores and still didn't find one.  Seriously, how hard can this be?  I finally found an awesome tablecloth website and then I found this other one, and they had about a gazillion different colors of blue, but you really can't tell the colors from the website, so I guess that's out too.  I think I can make it all work without the tiffany blue tablecloth, but you better believe me...when Easter time rolls around again, I WILL be heading to Bed Bath & Beyond or the Linens-n-Things website to buy us a tiffany blue tablecloth!  ( I may still stop by Joann's this week and take a look at what gorgeous fabric they have and just make one...)

Well, I'm off to watch Christmas Vacation while I fold laundry!

..."I give you the Griswold family Christmas tree.  Little full, lotta sap."


Cindy said...

I cannot find a blue tablecloth either! I even went this past spring to BBB with the express reason to get a pastel/sky blue tablecloth. NOPE. NADA. I asked to check. I went online. NOTHING. What gives???? I don't want tiffany, just baby blue, kind of glimmery-ish.

(I'm guessing the table will be all snowy, flakey, shimmery, kind of Dr. Zhivago like???? Pretty! Look for tumbleweeds. Spray paint them white or silver and then decorate with white mini lites. Auntie Tia did that for Shelly's wedding to Dave and it was gorgeous. I still think of it everytime I see a tumbleweed.)

Jodi said...

I told Ari last night that when we go get our tree this week she needs to tell her dad that she will see the tree later cuz eyes were frozen.
I can hardley wait to see her older, and give us crap about going and getting a tree every year.