Monday, November 15, 2010

I've Given Up on the Tablecloth

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions on tablecloths.  After stopping at a number of stores again tonight on my way home from work - after a very long and tiring day and super busy, no less - I gave up on finding the tablecloth and instead went back to HomeGoods and bought the blue and silver runners.  I am really happy with them (so far - we'll see how it goes once I put everything together!).

I also took the goblets back to Big Lots that I bought because I went to unpack the bags of all the shopping I'd done the other night and found that I had picked up two boxes of entirely different types of goblets.  Lisa suggested mixing and matching, but these wouldn't have looked good together at all.  So, back I went to the store.  But, in returning those, I found they had the larger goblets so I was able to get those instead.  They still didn't have the size I really wanted, but for $16 for 12 goblets, I wasn't too upset.

Boy, changing over color schemes can certainly be expensive and trying.  I realized today that I don't have any silver napkin rings either.  Oh well.  I'll have to make do this year.  It will be fine.

For some reason tonight, I'm a little down.  Not about Christmas.  I think it's because it was a REALLY long day at work today - just go, go, go all day long.  It's our last day for processing any expenses for fiscal year-end.  Consequently, it was a lot of work, emails, phone calls, office visitors, instant messages, etc.  There were times where both phone lines were ringing, two people were trying to talk to me in my office, three people were messaging me, and my email kept alerting me of new incoming mail. the middle of it all, my friend messages me that he just got terminated.  What a shock that was.  Oh...and I was suddenly sick to my stomach because I'd taken my meds on an empty stomach because I hadn't eaten since 6 a.m.  Not good.  I actually had to just stop and put my head down for a few seconds.  It was like the whole world was kind of crumbling down around me.  I kind of wanted to just get up, walk out, and come home.  But, I couldn't.  I had things that HAD to get done.

After tomorrow, it will get better.  All the accruals are due tomorrow.  Hopefully, all the documentation for them will be sufficient and everything will be okay.

I'm off to start cutting a bunch of vinyl again.  Finishing up the last of the Christmas gift orders from some folks, finishing up the last of the Super Saturday 3rd wave of orders, and finishing up a few other random things.  Melon Man is still sleeping so it is quiet in here...just what I need about now...

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Jonah said...

I am Sorry! You should look at my new blog!! How did you get that countdown and fam picture and what is everyones email I have lost them?