Monday, January 16, 2012

More Progress on the Room

Since today was a holiday, I got to stay home and work in the room!  So, I had this grand plan and now it's changed.  Remember the tilt bins?  Remember....they were supposed to go to the right of the monster?  Yeah, well, the more I thought about it, the more I came to the realization that they couldn't go there.  With the countertops going in at that area, I would have to raise them higher than they already are to accommodate the countertops.  That, then, would mean when reaching over the countertops to get something out of the bins, I wouldn't be able to reach anything near the top at all.  So, plan B...swap the tilt bins and the peg board.  It makes more sense anyway...I wanted to put my sewing stuff closer and within reach of the sewing machine and now I can put spools of thread on the peg board since it will be right there.  Yay!  So this is the way the room shaped up today:
I moved the peg board to its new home.  I think I will really like it here.  I then took down the tilt bins so I could move them to where the peg board was...on the diagonal wall as one enters the room.  That was fun...not.  There are 144 of them.  Luckily, they all hook together and I had only screwed about 8 of them into the wall...but, I did have to take them apart into chunks of about 36 so it was easier to handle them and all the contents didn't fall out onto the floor.  Plus, I was really smart when I put them up the first time...I put clear packing tape across them on the back to ensure they stayed together!
This is what the tilt bin wall looked like after I took them all down -
dust lines all over the wall.  How on earth does that happen?
I mean, really, they just hung there.  They have really
hardly been touched in what, 3+ years?  How, how, how????
Luckily, I was smart on the choice of paint I used in this room and can
wash it off with a little soap and water or a magic eraser.  Love those!
Next, I installed the tilt bins on the diagonal wall.  I LOVE them here!  They
only stick out about 2 inches, unlike the stuff that was/is on the peg board.
That should help with being able to not have to cut 12 inches off of the
countertop on this side of the room.  After I got all of the bins installed,
I decided that I needed to reorganize them.  When they were on the
other wall, they were 9 bins across.  To fit on this wall, I had to make them
only 8 bins across, which then made the whole thing 2 rows longer.
That, then, through off the whole organization pattern.  Yes, if you haven't
noticed yet, I like everything in rainbow order....cardstock, flowers and brads,
my clothes, everything.  This part of the work today took FOR-EV-ER.  One
other thing I did differently is the way the bottles of flowers on the top are
lined up.  There were part of a "Flowers by the Month" series.  In this picture,
they are organized by month.  But previously, they were all organized by color -
again, rainbow order.  I can't decide which way I like better.  I'm leaning
toward rainbow order, I think...
So, this is what the room likes like now.  Yes, a mess.  I need to move all that remaining crap either out of the room or over to the other side of the room in front of the closet/monster so I can get in to take those curtains down and put the new ones up that I will be making.
And finally, this is what the hallway is looking like right now...Melon Man put 3
of the 5-drawer cabinets together today...with no potty words!  I was proud of
him and happy with him for doing this for me.  He's been really quite supportive
and helpful with this massive undertaking...except the cost part when we were at
Ikea.  But, he ended up being okay with it (I think) because he knows we were
able to pay cash for all of it due to saving for it.
So, that is what progress we made on the room today.  It's coming along, slowly because of limited time during the week to work on it, but it IS coming along.  I hope to get to work on it this week, but I don't think that will happen - it will probably be a weekend project again.  I have to still sew the new curtains and move all that stuff in front of the window before the major magic happens.  I can't wait to move all the office stuff in there though and have both rooms in one.  Then, we will finally get to work on turning the old office into an actual guest room again!  I'm really excited for that one too.  I plan on taking down the crappy chair rail I installed a few years back and putting in board and this...
I will paint over the red paint we have on the lower part of the wall and then install this, keeping the light yellow faux finish paint above.  I think this will open up the room and make it feel larger and timeless.  I can't wait to have a guest room again!  Hint, hint, family...that means y'all can come see us again.

So, that's it for today's update on the room progress.  We'll see what this week holds for getting more done...

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Lisa Tucker said...

It is going to look so nice! Great job..