Saturday, August 25, 2012

[Freaky] Picture of the Day

Tonight Melon Man and I went to China City for dinner.  I have recently developed a love for crab legs.  Not so much the leg part, but rather the claw/pincher part.  I will get about 4 or 5 legs and I work from the joint to the leg to the claw.  That's where the big chunk of sweet, delicious crab meat is!  Plus, I usually save all the claws until the end.  I hadn't really noticed that I was such a freak about it until tonight.  I happened to look down at my plate and saw this...four lovely little claws all lined up in a row.  But then, I realized how funny they a bunch of freaky seahorses or weird nuclearized shrimp.  It was so freaky that I just had to capture it.  Man...I'm a freak myself...
UPDATE:  I have since learned that as a Gout Girl, I can no longer eat shellfish such as crab.  That sucks.

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