Sunday, January 3, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

Friday was such the lazy day!  I got up first and just mozied around the house for a bit, mainly just reading blogs and such.  Finally, Melon Man got up and we migrated to the sofa.  I'd hoped that we would go out to breakfast at The Coral, but by the time he got up around 10:30, it was too late for breakfast.  So, we just starved.  Well, not really, but he had a bowl of cereal.  I didn't feel much like eating at that point.

We then watched three of the old 1945 Sherlock Holmes movies that we'd DVR'd recently.  I've kind of gotten into them lately.  It's funny to see things in them that were in the version we went and saw on Christmas Day.  It's like the moviemakers took a bunch of the idiosyncracies from the old movies and rolled them into the one movie.

Around 1:45, I put our prime rib roast in the oven.  Within just a few minutes, I could smell the goodness coming from the kitchen.  Oh my.  It smelled SOOOOOOOOO good!  After it roasted on 400* for about 30 minutes, I turned it down to 300* and let it slow roast until it was 130*.  Oh it was so delicious!  I made some nuked baked potatoes and a quickie green salad.  Unfortunately, Melon Man's food got put on a plate that had a huge crack in it.  He's sitting there eating and he's all like, "Why is my stomach wet and hot?"  (Yes, we were eating on the sofa) Then, he lifts up his plate and there's prime rib juice all over his shirt!  So, we dealt with that and went back to eating.  It was so yummy.  Nothing like a good piece of prime rib!  We watched movies for a while more and I "inventoried" our DVD collection.  I wish I had done that about 2 weeks would have prevented me from buying a DVD that we already had - which is the exact reason why I had planned on doing that!  Oh well.

On Saturday, I did a bunch of dishes, put all the Christmas dishes away finally, picked up a bit, and worked on one of my 2010 projects.  I organized all the plastic storage bins in the scrapbook room.  Back in November, 2008, yes, 2008, I worked all day on cleaning up and organizing my scrapbook room.  I did A LOT to it.  However, I've not finished it all the way like I wanted to.  A few months back, I bought the plastic storage containers I'd wanted to buy for organizing my scraps, but I never filled them up the way I wanted to.  When we had company come to stay with us earlier this year, I just threw all the stuff that was on the desk into the container drawers and called it good.  Well, what good are those if I'm not using them the way I intended?  Also, a while back I cut some vinyl lettering for each of the drawers and labeled them with the color of papers that were going to go into each drawer.  However, 1) I didn't like the way the lettering turned out and 2) I learned over the last year that I really don't need one drawer per color, but rather I need more drawers to organize some of the other things that needed to be "stored" but quickly handy.  So, I rethought my methods and decided to 1) recut the vinyl lettering to be more how I wanted it and 2) reorganize organize everything.  So, I spent a couple hours in the room yesterday doing that and this is how they turned out:

I still have two drawers that need lettering but I'll do that shortly.  I was just so glad to get this done!  Now, I just need to finish cleaning off the rest of the table, pick up the rest of the room, and move the chest back into it's position and maybe I'll be able to get in there and actually scrapbook finally!

Today we started our new church schedule.  It wasn't too fun getting up at 6:30 in the morning, but it sure was nice to be done with church at 11:00!  In both Sunday School and Relief Society, we talked about knowing that the Lord loves us.  In RS though, it was a lot about self-worth.  I saw a lot of women crying throughout the lesson and my heart was touched.  I sense that due to a lot of the worldly problems going on right now, a lot of them are struggling in their lives - financially, personally, and spiritually.  We closed with the hymn, How Great Thou Art.  As we sang, I was overcome with emotion as we sang the last two verses:

And when I think, that God, His Son not sparing;
Sent Him to die, I scarce can take it in;
That on the Cross, my burden gladly bearing,
He bled and died to take away my sin.
When Christ shall come, with shout of acclamation,
And take me home, what joy shall fill my heart.
Then I shall bow, in humble adoration,
And then proclaim: "My God, how great Thou art!"
How great God and His son, Jesus Christ are!  I feel their love for me.  I know they have a hand in my life.  I know they know me.  I hope these other women could feel their love for them too.
On another note, I have started bleeding again.  It's been going on for a week now.  It's not major like it was before, but it's far more than I expected with the ablation.  My ovaries have been killing me, especially at night, and I suspect that my "monthly time" is here, but my hormones are just wacky so they are making my ovaries work overtime.  Who knows....?  I go to the doctor for my post-op check-up on Tuesday and we'll see what he says then.  I fear he will say we'll do a hysterectomy and while I kind of really do want that to happen and now really would be the best time work-wise, Melon Man and I have a little romantic trip planned for next month and what fun would that be if I'm unable to "do" anything for 6 weeks or so?
I guess I'll just see what the doctor says....

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Linda Lu said...

Oh Kristin! I was hoping you wouldn't have to go through the hysterectomy thingie! I know from experience that if you do, you will feel 100% better. I just had it done in June 09', and what a difference. As for the romantic get away, go quickly if you plan to do it. After my surgery, my doctor wouldn't allow any nookie for 12 weeks.

Keep us posted!