Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lunch with the President

Today I had a meeting and lunch with the President.  The President of my company, NOT the President of the United States.  If I were to be invited to have lunch with Dumbama, I would decline - and probably not respectfully.  I have no admiration or love for him at all.  I think he is way in over his head in his position.  He was so NOT ready for the office. 

Anyhow...the President of our company came in for the annual "roadshow" to tell how the company is doing.  And then, he decided to meet with the Sr. Staff in my area - unexpectedly.  So, that caught us offguard but it went fine.

Then, we had lunch with him.  It was a nice meeting.  Went back to my office afterward and worked and worked.  Ended up missing the Stake Relief Society meeting that I actually did want to attend.  Bummer.  Oh well.  How often do you get to hob-knob with the president of a Fortune 500 company to where he gets to know you as a real person?

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